ClosedSetCasting - hire male and female performers for ADULT fetish videos

ClosedSetCasting is seeking attractive female performers ages 18-40 for ADULT fetish videos.
No experience, no problem.
Performers of all experience levels are welcome.
We are hiring female performers for ass worship, foot worship, solo masturbation, and femdom handjob videos.
Femdom handjobs are similair to regular handjobs except with a femdom handjob the guy is tied up. Instead of fast-stroking instant gratification, like a normal handjob, with a femdom handjob you stroke and edge the penis slowly. Just enough to keep it hard, but not enough to allow for an orgasm. The guy is tied up, he orgasms only when you allow it.
There are no lines or scripts to remember!
All shoot details are discussed and rehearsed before filming.
You will recieve an email confirmation with everything you need too know. Pay, wardrobe, shoot location and other details related too the shoot.
No surprises!
A typical set consists of a camera-man, other performers, a set assistant, and yourself.
You are responsible for maintaining your hair, nails, makeup, and overall general appearance.
You are responsible for your wardrobe. We reccomend bringing a minimum of 5 outfits, complete with bra and panties.
No out of pocket expenses ever!
Travel expenses are negotiable in some cases.
We DO NOT film full penetration sex scenes.
Only individuals involved with the video production are permitted on location.

For consideration and payrates please complete a performer application, use the appropiate link below.