ClosedSetCasting - hire male and female performers for ADULT fetish videos

ClosedSetCasting is seeking to hire attractive male and female performers 18+ for ADULT fetish videos.
There are no middlemen or "so-called" agents to deal with.
You deal directly with ClosedSetCasting.
Filming takes place in Tampa, FL.
Shoots are conducted in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
Performers only engage in sexual activities within their comfort level.
Performers receive a detailed shoot iteneray via email prior too filiming. On the day of the filming, all shoot details are discussed and rehearsed once again.
No surprises!
Regardless if you are a seasoned pro, or a "first-timer" on camera, the goal is too make your experience a good one.
Qualified performers can expect consistent work.
Performers earn competitive pay rates with same-day payment.
ClosedSetCasting is not an escort agency, we do not arrange dates for men or women.
ClosedSetCasting is not a model agency, we do not have models / performers for hire.

For consideration and payrates please complete a performer application, use the appropiate link below.